Gray's Hex Dun

spacer Gray's Hex Dun
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Designed by Lincoln Gray, Manager of Sierra Stream and Mountain in Chico, CA . Lincoln operates a stillwater flyfishing school on Lake Almanor and has been developing a series of hex patterns based upon his 20 years of fishing this lake. Most of the patterns have been a collaborative effort between Lincoln and his twin brother, Lance. An excellent article on Lincoln's fly patterns, written by Tim Warriner, was published by Fly Tyer Magazine in Summer 2008. You can read it from this link: The Hex is On
Gray's Hex Dun is fished as a dry fly which is cast ahead of surface-feeding trout. Lincoln prefers to provide a subtle twitch to the fly to imitate a struggling hex during the hatch. The flag of Bleached Elk Hair provides a good sighting object within the dusk evenings.

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