Instructions: Arlo's Tungsten Jigstone

1. Slip a slotted tungsten bead onto the hook. This is a size 7/64 bead, so you may want to use hook tweezers. The hook is a Daiichi 4640 size 10, the barb has been smashed down.
Step One
2.Wrap some leadfree wire behind the bead for extra weight and to securely maintain the position of the bead.
Step Two
3. Attach the thread behind the wire wraps and secure the wire with thread wraps. Continue the thread as a foundation down to the bend of the hook.
Step Three
4. Apply a small ball of dubbing to the bend of the hook. This will be the tail tie-in position.
Step Four
5. Clip off two goose biots and attach one on each side of the hook shank with the length of the biot being about the same as the hook gap. The dubbed ball will splay the biots to a 45 degree angle. Secure the biots with thread wrap and clip off the tag ends.
Step Five
6. Attach a piece of wire to the top of the hook shank. This wire will be used for the abdomen.
Step Six
7. Next dub a tapered underbody up to the thorax which will be at the 2/3 position.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the wire forward with touching wraps. Some dubbing will become exposed to provide some lifelike movement. Wrap up to the 2/3 position and secure with thread wraps. Clip off the tag end of the wire.
Step Eight
9.Secure a piece of Swiss Straw to the bottom of the hook shank. This pattern will ride upside down due to the weight postioned on the jig style hook. Thus the wingcase will need to be tied to the bottom of the hook shank. You can rotate your vise to make this securing easier.. I am securing the wingcase just past the midpoint of the shank.
Step Nine
10. With the hook still rotated upside down on your vise, attach the first rubberleg. I am using a Medium White Rubberleg that has been colored by a marker to get the appropriate coloration. Secure with some X wraps and bring the thread forward to secure the next set of legs.
Step Ten
11. Attach the second leg strand just behind the bead using X-wraps.
Step Eleven
12. Next, attach two Biots as antennae on either side of the shank just behind the bead and secure with thread wraps. Clip off the tags of the biots.
Step Twelve
13. Dub a thick thorax that is twice the diameter of the abdomen. Dubbing should be both in front and in back of each rubber leg.
Step Thirteen
14.Rotate the fly upside down. Dubbing should cover all of the wire wraps and the thread should be just behind the bead.
Step Fourteen
15. Pull the wingcase material over the thorax and secure the swiss straw with a couple of thread wraps. Pull the tag end of the swiss straw back and apply two more tight wraps between the straw tag and the bead.
Step Fifteen
16. Trim off the tag end of the straw and sure with a few more wraps. Apply some dubbing as a collar.
Step Sixteen
17.Whip finish behind the bead.
Step Seventeen
18. The finished Tungsten Jigstone
Step Eighteen

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