Kyle's Beerhead Baetis

Kyle's Beerhead Baetis

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Kyle's Beedhead Baetis
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Kyle GiampaoliThis pattern is designed by fly fishing guide Kyle Giampaoli. It is marketed by Montana Fly Company and the nymph is sold through many Sierran flyshops. Kyle has been guiding anglers since the early 90s and started his career in Lake Tahoe guiding anglers for trout. After several years of guiding in California, Kyle moved to Dillon, Montana and continued to guide on some of the most famous blue ribbon trout waters in the world. The Beaverhead River was a favorite and flows from Clark Canyon Reservoir right through downtown Dillon. Kyle is now Capt. Kyle and runs a popular guiding service in Naples, Florida for Tarpon, Redfish, and Snook. The Beerhead Baetis is popular BWO nymph, particularly on tailwaters. The nymph has a high degree of attraction from the Rootbeer colored Glass bead and the Pearl Mylar wingcase. The copper wire also provides some attraction as well as segmentation.

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