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Pete's Carpet Bug, Gray Carpet Sowbug
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Pete ShanafeltThe Carpet Sowbug pattern originated about ten years ago as a variation off the Ray Charles. Rather than using Ostrich Herl, the body was picked out fibers, often Antron dubbing. Some found special blends effective and market the dubbing mix as carpet dubbing. Pete Shanafelt uses a special blend that he markets through Big Horn Anglers in Fort Smith, Montana. Arizona Simi Seal or Whitlock's SLF Dubbing can also be a good substitute. The Wayno's Cotton Candy Sowbug is another variation going back to 2015 when Rainbow Scud Dub became available. Wayne Egbert is a guide on the Big Horn and signature Fly Tier for Yellowstone Fly Goods which market the pattern.


Pete's Carpet Bug, Tan
Tan Scud


Wayno's Cotton Candy
Orange Scud



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