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Bead Head Olive Hale Bopp
Hale Bopp Olive
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Notes: Derek FergusThe Hale Bopp Leech was designed by Derek Fergus and Mark Knoch in the summer of 1995 at Oregon's Davis Lake. They tied the pattern at night while camping on the lake as the Hale Bopp comet was overhead, thus the name. It is basically the same pattern as the Mohair Leech. They arrived at this pattern in a somewhat different direction as they modified Rickard's Seal Bugger by eliminating the palmered hackle and the ribbing. They utilized a Gold Bead for the head but this is optional. A Red thread gill segment placed behind the bead or a Red thread head is distinctive of the Hale Bopp. The tail is similar to the Seal Bugger by being sparse and wispy but is a little longer by about 30%. The Hale Bopp is marketed by both Solitude and Spirit River and has become the prevalent Angora Leech variation used within our Western waters. An Angora Goat blend with some synthetic fibers was formulated by Derek and marketed by Spirit River called "On the Take" dubbing. This was the dubbing blend specified for the Hale Bopp Leech. It is no longer available from Spirit River. The Hale Bopps that are marketed today lack the diversity of Angora colorations and would not be considered a Mohair leech variation any longer. They are commercially tied with specific dyed colors of the Angora Goat dubbing. However, the attributes of a wispy Angora body and long marabou tail continue to give this pattern an edge as a preferred leech pattern. The Olive-bodied Hale Bopp Leech is a good representation of the Perch Fry on Crowley Lake.


Gray Hale Bopp
Hale Bopp Gray

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Black Hale Bopp
Hale Bopp Black

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Wine Hale Bopp
Hale Bopp Wine

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Brown Hale Bopp
Hale Bopp Brown

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