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Notes:Andrew Grillos

Andrew Grillos is a signature fly tier for Idylwilde Flies. The Hamburgler is a great pattern for beetles that is both buoyant and durable as well as easy to see. Andrew designed the pattern using two layers of foam for great buoyancy and a Neon Pink McFlylon for a wing as it stands out as an easily seen indicator post. The trout only see the bottom of the fly, so the wing color does not alarm the fish. The name "Hamburgler" was just a funny name that Andrew and his friends gave to the pattern, he was thinking of naming the pattern a "Pink Eyed Beetle" but, maybe, that's too descriptive. The "Hamburgler" stuck or struck. When tying this pattern the underbody layer of foam should be cut slightly narrower than the hook gap and tied in segmented style. The overbody foam should be equal to or slightly wider than the hook gap.


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