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Headbanger Sculpin
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Rich StrolisOriginated by Rich Strolis in 2012 utilizing the sculpin helmet and tied articulated. According to Rich,"This guy gets down and drums up nice fish. This fly is best fished with a stout leader on a floating line. Be sure to open up your casting stroke or else you will be seeing stars, hence the name. Well, it also kinda looks like the lead singer from an 80's rock band....." The pattern can also be tied on a single hook, known as a Mini Headbanger. Good patterns aren’t good by chance. They are well thought out ideas that come together over time — sometimes very little time, and others with a great deal of refinement.  In short, once I have devised something a little different, it not only has to accomplish the task at hand — whether it matches a specific hatch, moves a certain way in the water column, or is tied in a manner that it is fished in a specific part of the water column — but most importantly, it’s gotta catch fish. (Strolis-Troutbitten Jan 7 2016)Rich Strolis came out with a great book in 2016 on how to tie his patterns and how to fish them, you can purchase a signed copy at


Mini Headbanger Sculpin, Olive
Mini Headbanger, Olive


Headbanger Sculpin, Black
Peacock Balanced Leech


Headbanger Sculpin, Tan/Ginger
Peacock Balanced Leech



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