Henrys Fork Caddis

Henry's Fork Caddis

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Henry's Fork Caddis, Olive
Henry Fork Caddis
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Notes: Rene Harrop - "The CDC Henry’s Fork Caddis was inspired by big, selective trout feeding in clear and slow moving water. Although this pattern floats quite low on the water it possesses excellent flotation and visibility when compared to most other slow water caddis patterns. I find the Henry’s Fork Caddis to be particularly effective on summer mornings and evenings when the temperatures are cooler and the naturals mostly sedate on the water."

One of the most effective caddis patterns during mid-summer where caddis hatch on flat water. The Olive version is particularly a good coloration for the Mother's Day Hatch.


Henry's Fork Caddis, Tan
Hentry's Fork Caddis, Tan

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