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Hippie Stomper
Hippie Stomper
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Notes:Andrew Grillos

This is another foam creation of Andrew Grillos that has become very popular throughout the western states. It tends to be classified as an attractor dry as it really doesn't imitate any particular insect but does seems to imitate something that the trout is looking for. The pattern is a foam version of the Elk Hair Humpy. With the superb floatability of this pattern, the Hippie Stomper works great as a top fly with a dropper rig. The original Hippie Stomper started while Andrew was guiding on the Gunnison Gorge in the 1990's. Andrew would rent gear from his friend, Chris Mortimer, and would have combined float trips down the Gunnison River. One day, he overheard Chris explain "Catch & Release" to one of his clients, ‘Ah, well, I just drag my fish up into the sand, give ’em the old hippie stomp (stomps ground), yank the hook out and kick ’em back in the water’ (makes an exaggerated kicking motion, sending sand into the river). Chris's clients were often beginners from California and this explanation would leave them wide-eyed with mouths agape. Chris would have to follow up with a quick explanation that he was joking and would proceed to tell his clients as to how to really handle "Catch & Release", leaving Andrew rolling in the sand laughing at the episode.

The Hippie Stomper went through some years of fine tuning in 2008-2009, while Andrew was guiding in Chile, until it was sold through Idlywilde Flies and later, Umpqua. Today, the Hippie Stomper is Grillos' top pattern with Umpqua as he serves as one of their signature fly tiers. The pattern is also sold through Orvis, however, they insisted on a more politically-correct name so it is sold as the Holo Humpy. Black was the original coloration but other colorations became popular, particularly Chartreuse, Red, and Purple. The Royal version came out in 2016. Usually tied in sizes 12-16 with 1mm foam for both layers. Size 6-10 will have a 2mm foam body and a 1mm underlayer. Size 18 will have a 1mm foam body and a 0.5 mm underlayer.



Purple Hippie Stomper
Hippie Stomper Purple

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Hippie Stomper Royal

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Hippie Stomper Red

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Hippie Stomper Chartreuse

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