Instructions: Barr's Damsel

Tying Instructions: Barr's Damsel

1. Tie in small Black Chain eyes just behind the eye of the hook , leaving enough room to tie off. Lay a thread base back along the shank of the hook to just behind the hook barb.
Step One
2. Tie in an Olive marabou tail that is about half the hook shank length. Wrap the marabou up to the thorax location and bring thread back to the base of the tail.
Step Two
3. Attach a monofilment ribbing and also a plastic strip about 1/4" wide to the tail tie-off position.
Step Three
4. Dub Olive Brown Scintilla to the thread and start the dubbing at the tail-in position. Try to keep this as thin as possible.
Step Four
5. Dub over the marabou abdomen with Olive Brown Scintilla. Stop just past the midway point on the shaqnk.
Step Five
6. Bring the plastic strip over the abdomen and secure with thread wraps. Wrap the monofilament ribbing over the plastic up to the thorax region and tie off.
Step Six
7. Dub a thorax of Olive Brown Scintilla.
Step Seven
8. Tie in an Olive Mallard Flank Hackle and adjust the fibers so that they extend just past the thorax from each side.
Step Eight
9. Bring the plastic wingcase over the thorax and secure.
Step Nine
10. Apply more dubbing to the thread .
Step Ten
11. Wrap the Olive Brown Scintilla dubbing over the mono eyes to form a head.
Step Eleven
12. Tie off and Whip finish. Tease out a number of fibers from below the fly with a piece of velcro and sweep back.
Step Twelve

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