Instructions: Black Gnat

Tying Instructions: Black Gnat

2. Attach 10-15 hackle fibers for the tail just behind the thread bump. The length of the tail should be equal to the hook shank. Attach a piece of floss for a butt.
Step Two
3. Wrap the floss over the bump and covering the last third of the hook shank. Secure with thread wraps and trim the tag ends.
Step Three
4. Twist the rabbit dubbing around the thread and start the dubbed body at the one third location on the shank.
Step Four
5. Wrap a dubbed body to about 2 eye widths behind the eye. Step Five
6. Attach a collar hackle by the tip at the 3/4 position of the shank. The hackle fibers should not extend beyond the hook length.
Step Six
7. Wrap the hackle 3-4 turns for a full collar appearance and secure.
Step Seven
8. Select two matching duck quill feathers. Remove two matching segments that are the width of your hook gap. Position the two segments back to back with the leading edge on top. The length should not exceed the hook shank. A little flexament on the fiber ends will help keep them from splitting. Attach the segments in front of the collar wrap and create a small head. Whip Finish. Step Eight

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