Instructions: Bird's Stonefly Nymph

Tying Instructions: Bird's Stonefly Nymph

1.Wrap a layer of lead wire through the thorax region to the midpoint of the hook shank. Secure with thread wraps. Bring the thread to the bend of the hook just above the barb.
Step One
2. Apply a small bump of thread at the tail tie-in location. Attach two goose biots for tails, the thread bump will give the proper split. The length should be about the gap of the hook.
Step Two
3. Attach a single strand of orange floss at the tail tie-in location as well as a clump of dubbing for the abdomen.
Step Three
4. Dub a tapered abdomen with the seal-brown dubbing to just beyond the mid-point of the hook shank.
Step Four
5. Twist the floss ribbing and wind forward with even turns. Tie-off and secure with thread wraps. Step Five
6.Cut a piece of a Turkey tail feather about 1/4 inch wide. The turkey feather should be coated with fixative prior to clipping. Secure the Turkey Tail piece to the thorax area on top of the hook shank.
Step Six
7. Select a natural brown saddle hackle so that the fiber are 1 1/2 times the hook gap. Stroke the hackle fibers from the tip and attach the tip on the far side of the hook shank.
Step Seven
8. Attach 5-6 strands of Peacock Herl by the tips in front of the thorax. Step Eight
9. Twist the herls together with the thread and wrap forward for a plump thorax. Step Nine
10.Stroking the hackle fibers back , apply 3-4 turns.
Step Ten
11. Pull the wingcase forward and tie down just behind the eye.
Step Eleven
12. Trim the excess and form a neatly tapered head with thread wraps. Whip Finish. Step Twelve

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