Instructions: Black Rubberlegs

Tying Instructions: Black Rubberlegs

1. Attach the thread just behind the eye and anchor one strand of rubber-leg material with cross wraps.
Step One
2. Apply a whip finish to the thread and remove the bobbin. Slide a Black bead up to the eye. The bead will bring the legs forward as antennae.
Step Two
3. Attach a piece of lead-free wire to the shank by wrapping the material about 10-15 wraps, sliding the lead-free wire up into the cavity of the bead. Reattach the thread just behind the lead wraps.
Step Three
4. Wrap the thread over the lead wraps to secure. You can add some super glue to the lead wraps to further secure the material. Wrap the thread back to the bend of the hook and attach a second strand of rubberleg material for a tail. Use cross wraps, then apply some thread wraps over both strands to sweep the material back over the hook bend.
Step Four
5. Attach a piece of copper wire to the bottom of the hook shank just in front of the tail. Then apply some of the blended dubbing to the thread and lock a few strands against the shank with 1-2 wraps.
Step Five
6. Twist the dubbing around the thread to tighted the material and wrap forward with a taper to the midpoint of the shank.
Step Six
7. Wrap the copper wire ribbing forward with some evenly spaced wraps. The ribbing will help secure the dubbing and also provide the illusion of segmentation. Secure the ribbing at the midpoint of the shank and trim off the tag end. Secure with some more thread wraps and apply some additional dubbing to hide the thread wraps.
Step Seven
8. Place a piece of black swiss straw over the dubbing which is about the width of the bead. Secure with thread wraps and trim off the tag.
Step Eight
9. Attach two more strand of rubberlegs to each side of the shank just in front of the first wingcase segment.
Step Nine
10. Apply some more dubbing to build up bulk in front of the wingcase and to hide the thread wraps.
Step Ten
11. Bring the front legs back behind the throax to keep them out of the way. I use a hackle plier to hold the material. Now attach a second wingcase with the black straw and secure with thread wraps. Apply some additional dubbing once more.
Step Eleven
12. Attach a third segment of wingcase material, trim off the excess and secure with thread wraps. Apply the dubbing to the thread to build up a thorax just behind the bead.
Step Twelve
13. Wrap the dubbing just behind the bead and whip finish. Trim the legs, antennae, and tail to the lengths you prefer.
Step Thirteen

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