Instructions: Sierra Bright Dot

Tying Instructions: Sierra Bright Dot

1. Attach 10-15 Golden Pheasant Tippets at the bend of the hook for a tail. Even the tippets so that the markings align. The tail length should be equal to the shank length. Wrap the tags of the tippets up to the 3/4 position.
Step One
2. Attach a grizzly hackle by the butt sized to match the hook and wrap 4-5 turns. Secure and trim the tag.
Step Two
3. Attach 2 strands of red floss at the 3/4 position of the shank.
Step Three
4. Wrap the floss back to the the rear hackle and forward again to the 3/4 position. Try to maintain an even layer of floss.
Step Four
5. Attach a Grizzly Hackle that is two sizes larger than the rear one by the butt. Step Five
6. Wrap the hackle 4-5 turns and secure. Trim the tag and Whip Finish.
Step Six

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