Instructions: Woolly Bugger

Tying Instructions: Woolly Bugger

1. Attach a bead to the hook. Wrap a small piece of leadfree wire behind the bead. This will be pushed up into the bead cavity to help fill the void.
Step One
2. Secure the leadfree wire with thread wraps and bring the thread to the bend of the hook.
Step Two
3. Tie in a marabou tail. The length should be equal to the shank.
Step Three
4. Add four strands of Krystal Flash to the tail and another two longer strands at the tail tie-in position.
Step Four
5. Tie in the Copper wire for ribbing and the chenille. The end of the Chennille should have the fuzz removed so that you anchor the chenille by the cord strands only to the shank. Step Five
6. Prepare a saddle hackle by folding the fibers so that they lay in a plane. This will give a nice sweep to the hackle fibers. Attach the hackle by the tip at the tail tie-in position.
Step Six
7. Give a full wrap of the chenille behind the hackle tie in point, then wrap the chenille forward to just behind the eye. Lock in with a couple of thread wraps the trim the tag.
Step Seven
8. Palmer wrap the hackle forward to behind the eye. I ran out of hackle, no worry. We'll attach another hackle for a collar. Anchor the butts of the material with a few thread wraps.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the ribbing forward, taking care not to catch some of the saddle hackle fibers. Step Nine
10. Attach a second hackle by the butt for a collar.
Step Ten
11. Wrap the hackle 3-4 times and lock with a couple of thread wraps. Trim and secure with more thread wraps. Whip Finish.
Step Eleven

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