Instructions: Burk's Aggravator

Tying Instructions: Burk's Aggravator

1. Place a bead behind the eye and attach the thread. Attach a piece of lead wire with about 10 wraps just behind the bead..
Step One
2. Secure the lead with thread wraps and lay a base to the bend of the hook directly above the barb. Attach a piece of Krystal Flash and wrap a tag, bring the flash back to the tie-off position and secure. Now, secure the ribbing at the same location.
Step Two
3. Attach a 20-25 marabou fibers at the tail-in location. Wrap the butt end of the marabou around the shank for some underbody. Bring the thread back to the tie-in position and place a few wraps arouind the base of the marabou to lift it up.
Step Three
4. Dub a tapered abdomen up to the midpoint of the shank. Wrap the ribbing forward and secure.
Step Four
5. Place two sets of rubberlegs evenly within the thorax space at the top of the shank. Use thread wraps to sweep the legs back behind the bend of the hook. Step Five
6. Dub a thorax. Place the dubbing over and between the legs. Leave some room bewteen the forward legs and the bead. Step Six
7. Place a section of Turkey Tail for a wingcase with the case extending over both pairs of legs. Secure with thread wraps behind the bead. Step Seven
8. Dub a collar to hide the wingcase tie-downs. Whip Finish and Trim Step Eight

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