Instructions: Burk's Hexagenia Nymph

Tying Instructions: Burk's Hexagenia Nymph

1.Cover the hook shank with thread and wrap weighted wire from 1/8 inch behind eye to just in front of the tail. Flatten the wire.
Step One
2. Tie in Tail, Back, and Ribbing.
Step Two
3. Select a wide aftershaft feather from a Ringneck Pheasant body feather. Tie the aftershaft by the tip, facing forward in front of the wingcase tie-in.
Step Three
4. Dub the abdomen with a good taper and somewhat heavy. Abdomen covers up to the 3/4 shank length. Step Four
5. Bring aftershaft forward over top of abdomen.
Step Five
6. Follow that by bringing the Turkey strip forward forming the back.
Step Six
7. Wrap wire rib through dubbed abdomen and aftershaft. Tie-off securely.
Step Seven
8. Tie on another wider turkey tail section for the wingcase. Dub the thorax continuing the abdomen taper.
Step Eight
9. Tie on a hen saddle feather and wrap it 3-4 times for the legs. Gather the legs and position the fibers along the side and underside of the hook. Wrap the thread to secure the legs at a 180 degree sweep.
Step Nine
10. Pull the wingcase over the top and secure. Form Head and Whip Finish.
Step Ten

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