Tying Instructions: Carey Bugger

1. Attach a Gold Bead to the hook and secure the hook to the vise. Clip a small amount of 0.015 leadfree wire and wrap this behing the bead. This wire is mainly to fill the void of the bead.
Step One
2. Push the wire wraps into the bead and attach the thread. Thread wraps behind the wire will secure it.
Step Two
3. Clip 15-20 strands of plume marabou. Measure these to be the length of the hook shank and attach at the bend of hook with 3-4 tightly overlaid thread wraps.
Step Three
4. Wrap the tag end of the Marabou up to the bead. Attach 3-4 strands of Krystalflash at the bend of the hook on top of the hook shank so that the strand lay over the top of the tail. Secure the tag ends along the top of the shank. Trim off the tags.
Step Four
5. Wrap back to the bend of the hook and attach a piece of Crystal Chenille. Secure the chenille by thread wraps over it's core twine to the hook shank. Wrap the thread back just behind the bead.
Step Five
6. Wrap the Chenille forward, sweeping the mylar back with your fingers. Each wrap should toiuch the previous wrap until you reach a bead width behind the bead. Secure the chenille with thread wraps and trim off the tag end.
Step Six
7. Pluck a Rump Feather from the Golden Pheasant Skin. Note the small aftershaft feather that is attached to it's base. Remove this and keep it for later.
Step Seven
8. With the rump feather, remove the marabou fibers from the base and stroke the feather downwards exposing the tip of the feather.
Step Eight
9. Attach the rump feather in front of the body by the tip. Secure with a few thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Wrap the rump feather twice directing the fibers back with your fingers as you wrap. The second wrap should be placed in front of the first wrap as to not constrict the fibers. Secure the tag end of the feather with thread wraps and trim.
11. Orient the feather so the the natural curve is facing the tail. Attach the aftershaft feather by it's tip. I'll wet the tip first to get a distinct tie-in position.
Step Eleven
12. Wrap the aftershaft about three wraps and secure with thread wraps. This should bring the thread just behind the bead. Secure the tag end with thread wraps and trim.
Step Twelve
13. Apply about 4-5 more wraps and whip finish.
Step Thirteen

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