Instructions: Carlson's Haze, Purple

Tying Instructions: Carlson's Haze, Purple

1. Attach the thread to the shank and lay a thread base to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2.Clip a small clump of Elk Hair and even the tips in a stacker. Attach the hair at the bend of the hook for a tail. The tail length should be about the same as the shank length. Secure the tail with thread wraps and trim the excess at the midpoint of the shank.
Step Two
3. Wrap tight thread wraps back to the base of the tail and back to the midpoint, covering all of the Elk Hair on the shank.
Step Three
4. Clip a small clump of calf tail. Calf Tail is next to impossible to stack, so just remove the errant hairs until the remaining are about even with each other. Note that you do not need much material. Tie in the clump just past the midpoint of the shank. The wingpost should be about the same length as the hook shank. Secure the hair with 7-8 tight wraps. You can substitute the calf hair with Hi-Viz or Turkey Flat.
Step Four
5. Trim the butt hairs of the wingpost at an angle to give the trimmed butt a taper toward the tail. Secure with thread wraps and bring the thread back to just beyond the midpoint of the shank.
Step Five
6. Pull up the wingpost and wrap in front of the wingpost base 5-6 wraps to create some support. Wrap around the base of the wingpost 3-4 times and bring the thread behind the wingpost and around the shank to help support the vertical position. Do this twice.
Step Six
7. Attach a length of floss at the tie-in position of the tail. Bring the thread up to a position just in front of the wingpost.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the floss with smooth wraps up to the wingpost. Bring the floss under and around the wingpost securing, temporarily, the floss just in front of the wingpost.
Step Eight
9. Select a Brown and Grizzly hackle and attach them by the butt end just in front of the wingpost to the shank. Leave enough exposed hackle stem to also secure the hackles to the base of the wingpost.
Step Nine
10. Place some thread wraps around the exposed hackle stem and the wingpost base.
Step Ten
11. Wrap the hackle around the wingpost base about 4-5 times in a downward spiral. Secure the hackle below the shank and in front of the wingpost with thread wraps taking care not to trap hackle fibers.
Step Nine
12. Lift the front hackle backwards with your thumb and forefinger to allow 2-3 wraps of floss in front of the wingpost. Then, secure the floss just behind the eye.Trim off the excess floss and secure with 2-3 thread wraps and two half hitches. A drop of head cement at the base of the wingpost will help secure the hackle position.
Step Ten

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