Instructions: CDC Bubbleback Caddis Emerger

Tying Instructions: CDC Bubbleback Caddis Emerger

1. Lay a thread foundation from behind the eye to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Attach 3-5 woodduck fibers. The length of the tailing fibers should be about a shank length

Step Two
3. Next, attach a small amount of Antron dubbing over the tailing fibers. The dubbing should extend about halfway along the tail.
Step Three
4. Secure two CDC feathers by the tip to the tail tie-in position. The feathers should be with the concave facing upwards.
Step Four
5. Attach the Antron dubbing to the thread. This will be a full body, so do not twist it on tight.
Step Five
6. Wrap the dubbing forward until you get about one eye length behind the eye. Establish a gradual taper to the body.
Step Six
7. Bring the two feathers over the dubbed body and secure with a couple of thread wraps. Place your scissors into the loop and adjust the loops size by pulling on the tag ends of the feathers. Use the smooth outside edge of the scissors to help indent the CDC quill just above the tail for an oblong loop.
Step Seven
8. Secure the CDC feathers with some tight wraps of thread and trim off the butts. Step Eight
9. Attach Partridge fibers as a hackle collar around the body. Using two clumps of 10-15 fibers, placed on each side of the hook shank, will do the job. The thread tension will help spread the fibers evenly around the shank and you can control the length of the fibers by premeasuring so that they do not extend beyond the bend of the hook. Step Nine
10. Secure with thread wraps and trim off the butts. Step Ten
11. Next, apply Antron dubbing to the thread for a dubbed Thorax
Step Eleven
12. Wrap a full dubbed Thorax and whip finish.
Step Twelve

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