Instructions: Chernobyl Ant

Tying Instructions: Chernobyl Ant

1. Begin by laying a thread base on your hook, starting at the eye and progressing rearward to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Cut a piece of 2mm black fly foam approximately 3/8" wide. Trim the end of the foam with an elongated rounded cut and attach the piece at the bend of the hook with about 1/8 inch of foam extending beyond the bend. Secure the foam with tight wraps up to the shank directly above the hook point.
Step Two
3. Attach two round rubber legs on each side of the shank where you secured the foam body. The length of the legs should be about 3/4 inch or 1.5 times the shank length of the hook.
Step Three
4. Dub a belly directly in front of the secured foam to about an eye length behind the eye. Bring the dubbing back to the secured foam position.
Step Four
5. Wrap the thread with spaced out wraps over the dubbing for a segmented appearance to about an eyelength behind the eye.
Step Five
6. Bring the foam body over the dubbing and secure with thread wraps about an eyelength behind the eye.
Step Six
7. Attach another set of legs on each side of the hook shank..
Step Seven
8. Trim the black foam so that it only extends beyond the about 1/8 inch. Trim the corners of the foam to get a tapered shaped head.
Step Eight
9. Attach a piece of yellow foam cut narrower than the body just above the front pair of legs. This will be your indicator. Now slip the thread under the head of the fly and tie off at the hook eye as on any other fly.The last step is to use head cement to secure the tie-off. Also put a drop of head cement at each of the leg/body tie-ins on the bottom side of the hook. This will prevent twisting and generally add a lot of durability to the fly.
Step Nine

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