Instructions: Copper John

Tying Instructions: Copper John

1. Attach the Gold Bead and apply 7-12 wraps of leadfree wire behind it. Push the leadfree wire into the void of the bead.
Step One
2. Attach the thread to the shank behind the leadfree wraps. Apply thread wraps of the wire to secure and wrap back to the bend of the hook.
Step Two
3. Attach two goose biots, with the convex sides facing each other, to the tail tie-in position. The biot tails should be about one half the shank length. Position the biots so that they are split and roughly horizontal to the shank. Wrap the tag end of the biots up to the end of the leadfree wraps. Trim the tag ends of the biots.
Step Three
4. Wrap the shank to create a tapered foundation over the biots and leadfree wire, then bring the thread back to the tail tie-in position. Attach the copper wire at the tail tie-in position with one end tucked into the bead void.
Step Four
5. Now wrap a smooth foundation covering the wire, leaving the thread just behind the bead.
Step Five
6. Wrap the wire forward to about two eye widths behind the bead. During the wrapping, bring each wrap against the previous one to keep the wraps snug. Step Six
7. Attach a piece of flashabou in the middle of the strip behind the bead. Apply a couple of thread wraps and double the strip back to the rear with some some additonal thread wraps over the thorax region. Step Seven
8. Attach a strip of Thin Skin just behind the bead. Apply thread wraps so the the Thin Skin wingcase extends about the same width as the bead. This will be the thorax region. Step Eight
9. Attach three pieces of peacock herl by the tip behind the eye. Secure the herl to the base of the thorax region. Step Nine
10. Twist the herl into a chenille and wrap it about three times to just behind the bead. Secure with a couple of thread wraps and trim the tag ends. Step Ten
11. Prepare a partridge feather. Clip the tip of the feather, leaving a selection of fibers extending from both sides of the quill. Laying this "V" just behind the bead, secure the feather to the shank with a couple of loose wraps. Step Thirteen
12. You can pull the feather to get the desired fiber length necessary. On the Copper John, the fibers should just extend to the hook point. While pulling the feather with your right hand, use your left hand to keep the fibers from pulling to the top of the shank. Step Fourteen
13. Bring the Thin Skin and Flashabou over the thorax and anchor behind the bead. Step Fifteen
14. Apply some thread wraps as a collor to cover the tag ends and whip finish. Step Sixteen
15. A drop of epoxy finishes the wingcase. Try to keep the epoxy drop located just from the edge of the bead and over the wingcase. Take care not to let any epoxy enounter the partidge fibers or the peacock herl. Step Seventeen

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