Instructions: Clouser Minnow

Tying Instructions: Clouser Minnow

1. At the one third position of the hook shank lay two beads of thread that will support the hourglass nickle eyes.
Step One
2. Secure the hourglass eyes with figure eight thread wraps. I generally like to make 3-4 wraps in one direction and then do the other side. Do this about 4-5 times in sequence. Apply some head cement on the thread wraps to help secure.
Step Two
3. Cut some white bucktail from the upper part of the tail and pull out the smaller fibers. This fly should be tied sparse, so start with a bunch of hair about half the size of a pencil. Secure the bucktail on each side of the hourglass eyes. The bucktail should be long enough to extend beyond the bend of the hook about the distance of one hook shank.
Step Three
4. Trim the butts with a tapered cut from behind the hook eye. Wrap the bucktail behind the hourglass to the shank about halfway down the shank. Wrap back toward the eyes, go underneath the eyes and finish wrapping the butt ends for a smooth tapered head.
Step Four
5. Select 6-12 strands of Krystal Flash or Super Hair that will extend from the front of the eyes to the tip of belly hair. Tie the flash in directly in front of the eyes on top of the white bucktail. Step Five
6. For the upper wing, cut some chartreuse bucktail equal in length to the white belly hair. Use only a small amount, equal to or less than the white bucktail.. Cut the butts on a taper for a smooth transition. Step Six
7. Attach 6-12 strands of Light Blue Super Hair as an overwing. The length should just exceed that of the bucktail. Trim the butts at a taper and secure. Step Seven
8. Wrap the thread forward to the eye and apply a whip finish. Coat the head and the wraps over the butts of the bucktail with a couple of coats of nail polish. Step Eight

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