Instructions: Cole Bugger

Tying Instructions: Cole Bugger

1. Weight the front half of the hook shank with lead wire wraps. Secure with thread wraps.
Step One
2. Attach a Saddle Hackle that is about 2 1/2 times the shank length from the base of the lead wraps. Position the hackle on top of the shank in a vertical manner and secure with tight wraps. Tie down area for the hackle tail should be less than 1/4" from the lead wraps to the first fibers. You can extend the quill butt over the lead wraps if you need to secure better.
Step Two
3. Attach 4 strands of Krystal Flash at the same tie-down location. The Flash should almost extend to the end of the tail.
Step Three
4. Clip 20 strands of marabou from the side of a marabou quill and attach them at the tail tie down location so that the marabou fibers only extend about a hook gap beyond the bend of the hook. Bring the butt ends of the marabou over the lead wraps and secure to just behind the eye.Then rewrap the thread back to the tail tie-in position.
Step Four
5. Select a soft hackle. The hackle should be one size less than the hook size. Stroke the fibers back and attach the hackle by the tip behind the hook shank with the stroked fibers sweeping to the rear. Also attach 5-6 peacock herls by the tips at the same location. Step Five
6. Twist the herl around the thread into a chennille and wrap forward covering the leadwraps . Secure the herl just behind the eye.
Step Six
7. Wrap the soft hackle forward tying off the butt end just behind the eye. If you've given yourself enough room, you can also add a collar hackle here, using the same saddle hackle you used for the tail, for a more fuller body effect. Cover the clipped butts with thread wraps and Whip Finish.
Step Seven

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