Instructions: Crystal Bugger

Tying Instructions: Crystal Bugger

1. Wrap 10 to 20 of .020 lead wire as needed to the front section of the hook shank. Secure with thread wraps.
Step One
2. Attach Marabou fibers at the bend of the hook. The length should equal the hook length.
Step Two
3. Add four strands of Krystal Flash, matching the marabou color, to each side of the marabou tail at the tail tie-in position.
Step Three
4. Attach the copper wire ribbing to the bottom of the shank, wrapping up to the tail tie-in position. Also attach a piece of Crystal chenille at the same location and bring the thread forward to just behind the eye.
Step Four
5. Wrap the chenille forward with evenly spaced wraps. Use your fingers to brush back the crystal fibers from interlocking on the next wrap. Secure just behind the eye. Step Five
6. Attach a Grizzly Saddle hackle by the butt just behind the eye.
Step Six
7. Palmer the hackle with evenly spaced wraps back to the tail tie-in position.
Step Seven
8. Anchor the tip of the hackle with the copper wire ribbing and wrap the ribbing forward taking care not to lock in the hackle fibers. Secure the ribbing just behind the eye. Trim off the hackle tip.
Step Eight
9. Normally you want 2-3 wraps of hackle just behind the eye but it is not always possible with small saddle hackles. No problem.... just attach another hackle by the tip just behind the eye.
Step Nine
10. Now give 2-3 wraps of the hackle and secure with thread wraps. Some wraps against the base of the hackle fibers will sweep them back. Whip Finish. Step Ten

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