Instructions: Czech Nymph

Tying Instructions: Czech Nymph

1. Attach the hook to the vice and secure the end of the of the lead wire an eyelength behind the eye. Wrap the thread to the bend of the hook and attach the Mono and Gold tinsel ribbing. Wrap the lead wire to the curve of the hook about halfway trhough the curve.
Step One
2. Secure the lead with thread wraps and a drop of Super Glue. Attach the Scud Back to the rear of the body.
Step Two
3. Dub on a small pinch of tan haretron and wind it thinly to cover two thirds of the underbody.
Step Three
4. Take a very small pinch of green fur and dub it on to the tying thread. Wind on just two turns then rib the entire body with the gold tinsel.
Step Four
5. Apply a small pinch of hare's mask to form the thorax. Stretch the Scud Back over the top of the body and thorax and secure. Rib with open turns of mono.
Step Five
6. Secure the loose end of the mono with thread and remove the excess material at the eye. Complete by adding a neat head and a whip finish.
Step Six

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