Tying Instructions: Hart's Dark Lord

1. Slide a gold bead up to the eye. Attach three wraps of lead wire to fill the void of the bead.
Step One
2. Lay down a thread base to a position on the shank just above the hook barb. Wrap a small butt with dubbing to help split the tail biots.
Step Two
3. Select two brown biots and tie in just in front of the butt dubbing with the biot tips facing down. The length of the tails should be about half the hook shank.
Step Three
4. Attach a gold wire to the bottom of the shank and secure to the base of the tail.
Step Four
5. Dub a tapered body almost to the bead leaving a small space for anchoring the wings and legs. Step Five
6. Wrap the ribbing forward about 4-5 wraps and secure just behind the bead. Step Six
7. Attach two bundles of Hen Hackle fibers to each side of the shank just behind the bead. The fibers should not extend beyond the bend of the hook and should sweep backwards in a downward position. Step Seven
8. Attach each Ginger biot behind the bead with a downward curve with the split angle being about the same as the tail. Step Seven
9. Trim off the wing butts and secure the wings with thread wraps. Finally, apply a black dubbing collar and whip finish. Step Seven

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