Instructions: Desert Storm

Tying Instructions: Desert Storm

1. Place the hook on the vise and attach the thread about one eye length behind the eye. This thread is waxed, so you will need a couple of wraps to secure. Have a tag end that is about 2-3 inches long and do not trim the tag.
Step One
2. Attach a strand of flash to the top of the shank and secure with even flat wraps down to the midpoint of the hook curve. You can maintain the flatness of the thread by clockwise spinning the bobbin after every couple wraps.
Step Two
3. Once you've reached the mid-point of the curve, wrap back to the thorax position behind the eye. Again, it is important to keep the thread flat and even for a smooth body.
Step Three
4. Take the tag end of the thread and twist it in a clockwise spin. You can do this with your fingers but a hackle plier will work better and you will have more control. Tighted the thread with the spinning until it forms a rope.
Step Four
5. Wrap the roped tag end with evenly spaced wraps that are wide enough to allow the flashabou to fit between the roped ribbings. This ribbing should extend from the tail to the thorax position. Secure the ribbing at the thorax position with some thread wraps.
Step Five
6. Next, wrap the Krystal Flash between the roped thread ribs up to the thorax region and secure. Trim off the tag ends.
Step Six
7. Dub Black Superfine tightly to the thread and wrap a thorax.
Step Seven
8. Whip Finish in front of the thorax.
Step Eight

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