Instructions: Emergent Sparkle Pupa

Tying Instructions: Emergent Sparkle Pupa

1. Blend the shuck dubbing by teasing the fibers. Try to keep the fiber ends aligned. Position the fibers to that the shuck is about one hook shank long extending from the bend of the hook just above where the barb would be.
Step One
2. Trim the tag end of the shuck material about halfway up the shank and secure with thread wraps. Prepare the overbody blend, again by teasing the fibers and keeping the fiber ends aligned. Attach one end of the overbody just in front of the shuck tie-down position. Generally, I use only one ply to keep the overbody sparse. Once secured, comb the fibers straight.
Step Two
3. Prepare the underbody dubbing by cutting the material into 1/4 inch segments, then mix by teasing. Apply some wax to the thread and "touch" the dubbing to the thread in an even, yet loose manner. You can lightly twist the material to help it secure to the thread.
Step Three
4. Wrap the innerbody dubbing forward to just behind the eye. The body should have a number of extending fibers.
Step Four
5. Divide the overbody material into two segment with your bodkin and bring these segments around each side of the shank. Pull the material foward beyond the eye, then bring the material back to just behind the eye, forming a light ball of fibers. You should be able to see the inner body clearly. Apply a couple of wraps to secure and adjust the fibers evenly around the shank with you bodkin.
Step Five
6. Trim the tag ends of the overbody and secure with thread wraps. Clip a small portion of deer hair and clean the underfur from it. Stack the hair to even the ends. Then, position the hair so that the ends do not extend beyond the bend of the hook. Secure with thread wraps.
Step Three
7. Clip of the butt ends of the hair and secure with more thread wraps. The hair should be only on the upper portion of the hook shank.
Step Four
8. Apply the Superfine dubbing and warp a head. Use a piece of velcro or your bodkin to tease out the fibers. Whip Finish.
Step Five

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