Instructions: Floss Body Soft Hackle

Tying Instructions: Partridge & Yellow

1. Slide a slotted tungsten bead (small round opening first) onto the hook. Place in the vice and slide the bead forward up against the hook eye. Twist the bead as necessary so the slotted portion of the bead navigates around the angled shank so the bead pushes tight against the hook eye.
Step One

2. Wrap 5-6 turns of leadwire behind the bead. This adds weight and helps stablize the bead to the shank.

Step Two
3. Attach the thread to the hook shank behind the leadwire wraps. Spirol wrap the leadwire to secure and bring the thread back behind the leadwire.
Step Three
4. Cut a section of Danville 4-strand floss from the spool. Double the floss over itself and snip it to have twice the material. Keep the floss ends even and attach to the top of the hook shank just behind the lead wraps. The end of the tag should be just beyond the end of the hook. This is subjective, you can have shorter tag or a longer one.
Step Four
5. Trim the floss off just behind the wire wraps and wrap the thread to the hook bend securing the tag material to the top of the hook shank to the bend of the hook. Step Five
6. Tie in a wire rib to the bottom of the hook shank behind the leadwire and secure the ribbing to the bend of the hook. This should start to even out your body profile. Apply dubbing to the thread hanging from the bend of the hook.
Step Seven
7. Twist the dubbing onto the thread with youir thumb and index finger. Start a first wrap of the dubbing at the tail-tie in postion to lock in the fibers and twist some more to create a tight noodle. This is allow you to create a slim tapered body.
Step Eight
8. Wrap the dubbing up to where the wire wraps begin. This gives you about a half hook gap of space for the thorax material and the collar. Tie off the dubbed with some thread wraps.
Step Nine
9. Wrap the wire ribbing forward with about four spirol wraps to the thorax area and secure with thread wraps. Break off the tag end of the wire with back and forth motions and secure with some additional thread wraps.
Step Ten
10. Attach two strands of peacock herl by the tips on the thorax area securing the herls to the top of the hook shank behind the bead..
Step Eleven

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