Instructions: Frenchie

Tying Instructions: Frenchie

1. Slide the hook point through the small hole of the bead, the larger hole on the other side will allow the hook to move past the hook bend. Bring the bead up to the eye and apply 8-10 leadfree wire wraps behind the bead. This will help fill the void behind the bead and give the pattern some extra weight.
Step One
2. Clip off some Coq de Leon tailing fibers and secure them to the bend of the hook. the length of the tail should be about the same as the shank length. Secure the tag ends of the fibers to the shank and trim off the excess.
Step Two
3. Attach a wire ribbing to the side of the hook shank and secure down to the tail tie-in position. Step Three
4. Clip off about 6-7 Pheasant Tail fibers from the PT tail feather for the abdomen. Trim off the tips of the Pheasant tail fibers as they are very weak and secure the fibers to the top of the hook shank behind the wire wraps. Anchor the Pheasant Tail fibers along the shank to the tail tie in position.
Step Four
5. Wrap the Pheasant Tail fibers forward covering all of the shank up to the bead. Do not twist these fibers, you want those small hairs to stand upright. Secure with a few thread wraps behind the bead. Step Five
6. Trim off the tag ends of the fibers and secure with some additional thread wraps.
Step Six
7. Wrap the ribbing wire in a counter direction than the fibers were wrapped. This will help lock the fibers in place as well as protect them from unraveling once broken. Secure the tag end of the wire with thread wraps.
Step Seven
8. Trim off the tag end of the wire ribbing and secure with some more thread wraps. Use a Whip Finish to end the use of this thread. Step Eight
9. Next, attach the "hot spot" thread behind the bead and wrap an area that defines the thorax.
Step Nine
10. Twist a small amount of UV Shrimp Pink Ice dubbing to the thread.

Step Ten
11. Wrap the dubbing forming a small, tight thorax and secure with some thread wraps behind the bead.
Step Eleven
12. Add some additional thread wraps just behind the bead for the "hot spot".
Step Twelve
13. Apply a Whip Finish.
Step Thirteen
14. The Frenchie Pink.
Step Fourteen

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