Instructions: Gray Ghost

Tying Instructions: Gray Ghost

1. Start thread about 4/5 near hook eye. Build a thread base up to hook barb. Tie in the tinsel and the floss. advance the thread to the 4/5 position.
Step One
2. Wrap the floss evenly up to the 4/5 position and secure.
Step Two
3. Wrap the tindel ribbing evenly spaced up to the 4/5 position and secure.
Step Three
4. With a small bundle of white bucktail, even up the tips in a hackle stacker. Attach a bundle of white bucktail beneath the shank at the 4/5 position with the ends of bucktail reaching the bend of the hook.
Step Four
5. Tie four olive-gray saddle hackles for the wings. Watch symmetry and length. Step Five
6. Attach a curving golden pheasant crest so that it follows the arch of the hen hackles feathers. If you bind the threads across some of the pheasant fibers, this will keep it from twisting on you.
Step Six
7. Attach a pair of peacock herls on either side of the shank. The herl should not exceed the hen hackles.
Step Seven
8. Tie in the Shoulders of silver pheasant body feather.
Step Eight
9. Tie in the jungle cock eyes for the cheeks.
Step Nine
10. Build up a small head, whip finish, and varnish head.
Step Ten

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