Instructions: Gray Hackle Peacock

Tying Instructions: Gray Hackle Peacock

1. Start the thread wraps with some space behind the eye. Attach the Gold Tinsel tag just in front of the point of the hook.
Step One
2. Wrap the tag towards the bend of the hook just beyond the hook barb and wrap back to the starting point. Trim the tag piece and secure with thread wraps.
Step Two
3. Clip a number of red hackle fibers and even the tips. Attach the fibers to the top of the shank where the tag tie in position will be. The length of the tail should be less than the shank length. Trim the butts and secure with thread wraps.
Step Three
4. Attach three herls by the tips at the tail tie-in position .
Step Four
5. Chenille the herls around the thread for strength and wrap the herl chenille forward to the 2/3 position on the shank. Step Five
6. Dub the thread for a thorax. Step Six
7. Wrap the dubbing into a tight ball just in front of the body leaving room behind the eye for the hackle and head.
Step Seven
8. Prepare the hackle from a partridge feather. Trim off the basal web fibers and separate the desired number of hackle fibers by stroking the fibers downward from the tip. The remaining tip is clipped just above these fibers leaving a small triangular section that is attached to the shank. Attach the partridge feather so the the curvature of the feather faces the rear of the fly.
Step Eight
9. Stroke the partridge fibers back with your index finger and thumb of your left hand. Attach hackle pliers to the butt stem and wrap twice stroking the fibers backwards. Secure the butt just behind the eye with thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Trim the butt stem and cover with thread wraps for a head. Whip Finish.
Step Ten

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