Tying Instructions: Good 'N Plenty

1. Attach the Tungsten Bead to the hook and secure it in place with some thread wraps just behind the bead. Wrap the thread to the bend of the hook where you want to place the tail.
Step One
2. Clip 4-5 Schlappen fibers and attach the fibers at the tail tie-in position. You can adjust the length by pulling on the tag end. The tail length should be less than the hook gap.
Step Two
3. Secure the tag end of the tailing fibers to the top of the shank with thread wraps. This would be at about the 70% position on the shank.
Step Three
4. Clip 2 pieces of Kystal flash for the ribbing and attach the material to the bottom of the shank securing toward the rear until the tail tie-in position. Add some dubbing blend to the thread and secure some of the dubbing fibers to the shank by 1-2 wraps that lock them in.
Step Four
5. With the fibers locked to the shank, you can rope the material around the thread and wrap the rope forward back to the 70% position. Adjust the wraps and the dubbing so that you get a taper to the body. Finally, spirol wrap the flash ribbing with 3-4 turns along the body up to the bead and secure with thread wraps. Cut off the tag ends of the Krystalflash ribbing. Step Five
6. Bring 5-6 Krystalflash strands together and attach the strands just in front of the body. As with the tailing fibers, you can adjust the length by pulling on the tag end so that the ends of the strands do no exceed the hook. Step Six
7. Attach 3-4 strands of Schlappen fibers to both sides of the hook shank just in front of the body. Adjust the length so that it is the same as the Krystal Flash wing.
Step Seven
8. Secure a Black Ostrich Herl to the hook shank next to the body by it's stripped butt. When securing this material, the 'v' should point towards the bead when wrapping. Ostrich herl has a very angled stem, so you need to take care how it is attached.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the herl forward with 5-6 wraps. Secure with thread wraps and trim off the tag. Attach two Peacock herls be the tips just in front of the Ostrich. Step Nine
10. Wrap the peacock herl 2-3 wraps and tie off. Whip Finish. Step Ten

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