Instructions: Halfback Emerger

Tying Instructions: Halfback Emerger

1. Tie in copper wire for rib along the side of the shank ending at the bend of the hook above the hook barb.
Step One
2. Attach 3-4 pheasant tail fibers at the bend of the hook by the tips and secure up to the midpoint of the shank.
Step Two
3. Wrap the pheasant tail fibers forward counter-clockwise to the 2/3 position of the hook shank. Tie off and trim
Step Three
4. Clip a small portion of z-lon and extend the fibers past the bend of the hook by about a shank length. Secure the z-lon with the copper ribbing placing spiral wraps clockwise up to the 2/3 position. The z-lon should lay on top of the wrapped shank.
Step Four
5. Attach a small bunch of deer hair just in front of the abdomen and secure with thread wraps. Step Five
6. Dub a thorax with about an eye width of space behind the eye open.
Step Six
7. Pull the deer hair forward over the top to form the wingcase.
Step Seven
8. Trim the excess deer hair. Apply a small amount of dubbing to the thread and wind it around the hook shank to cover the spot where you tied off the deer hair. Whip finish .
Step Eight

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