Instructions: Hare's Ear Soft Hackle

Tying Instructions: Hare's Ear Soft Hackle

1. Wrap lead-free wire from the mid-shank to a position about two eye lengths behind the eye.
Step One
2. Attach the thread to the shank and secure the lead wire with thread wraps. Note the wire tag that is aligned to the shank. This gives a very secure tie-down to the shank. Step Two
3. Attach a fine Gold Wire behind the lead wraps and wrap to the bend of the hook. Dub the thread with Hare's Ear sparsely. You want a thin body.
Step Three
4. Wrap the dubbing forward creating a thin body. Stop the body at the end of the lead wire wraps.
Step Four
5. Counter wrap the Fine Gold Wire ribbing with even wraps up to the end of the body. Secure the tag end of the wire with thread wraps. Step Five
6. Select a partridge hackle with fibers that will reach the end of the bend from just behind the eye. Parepare the hackle by sweeping the fibers back leaving the fibers you wish to wrap the the remaining tip. This division will give you a place to secure the hackle to the shank just behind the eye. Position the hackle so that the fibers will sweep back, one wrapped. Step Six
6. 2-3 wraps of the hackle should be enough. As you wrap the hackle, use your hand to sweep back the fibers to keep them from getting caught. Place each wrap in front of the other. If done correctly, the natural sweep of the hackle itself will flow the fibers backward. If you use the thread to sweep the fibers back, it will deaden much of the life from the fibers. Anchor the hackle tag and trim. Create a small head and whip finish. Step Six

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