Instructions: Hemingway Caddis

Tying Instructions: Hemingway Caddis

1.Attach the hook to the vise and lay a thread foundation from the 3/4 position to the bend of the hook. Prepare a hackle by removing the fibers from the left shiny side and attach the hackle by the tip to the bend of the hook. Secure the tip to the top of the hook shank.
Step One
2. Bring the thread back to the bend of the hook and dub on a small amount of Superfine dubbing.
Step Two
3. Wrap a tapered abdomen up to the 3/4 position.
Step Three
4. Wrap the hackle forward with about 5-6 palmered wraps and secure and the end of the abdomen. Trim off the tag end of the hackle.
Step Four
5.Trim off the fibers that are on top of the abdomen and those that extend perpendicular to the sides.
Step 5
6. Clip a segment of Imitation Wood Duck (Mallard Flank) fibers with the tips even. Attach the segment just in front of the abdomen with the fibers extending just beyond the bend of the hook.
Step Six
7. Prepare a pair Duck Quills by spraying the quill with fixative or a flexible cement. Let this dry and then cut matching segments from the pair that are about the width of the hook gap. You'll notice that at the base of the segments there is a heavier, pithy portion...this should be trimmed off too.
Step Seven
8. The quill segements are attached just in front of the abdomen with the convex sides facing each other. A flatwing style will have some overlap so it is easier to attach these segments separately. The end of the wing should not extend beyond the underwing fibers.
Step Eight
9.Attach the second quill segment so that it overlaps the first and is symetrical.
Step Nine
10. Trim off the tag ends of the quill segments and secure with thread wraps. Wrap the thread back over the wing until you get to the 3/4 position where the abdomen finished.
Step Ten
11. Attach a hackle and a Peacock Herl by the butt just in front of the wing. The hackle should be placed with the shiny side up.
Step Eleven
12. Wrap the herl forward with 5-6 wraps and secure behind the eye. Trim off the tag end.
Step Twleve
13. Wrap the hackle forward over the herl thorax with 5-6 wraps. Secure the hackle and trim the excess. Make a small head with thread and Whip finish.
Step Thirteen

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