Tying Instructions: Henry's Fork Caddis

1.Attach the hook to the vise and lay a thread foundation from behind the eye to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Attach a Turkey Biot with the notch at the end of the biot upward if you want ridge segments. Attach with the notch downward, if you want a smooth body. Turkey Biots are longer than Goose Biots and will work better on larger sized hooks.
Step Two
3. Wrap the biot forward with touching wraps up to the 3/4 position
Step Three
4. Select a couple of Premium CDC feathers which have a defined guill and match up the tips.
Step Four
5.Attach the CDC to the top of the hook shank at the 3/4 position with two thread wraps and pull the CDC forward until the tips are just beyond the bend of the hook. Secure with some additional thread wraps.
Step 5
6. Select a feather from the back of a partridge skin. It should have the dark brown barring near the tip.
Step Six
7. Trim off the tip of the feather.
Step Seven
8. Secure the partridge feather to the top of the hook shank at the 3/4 position with two thread wraps and adjust the length of the fibers so they equal the CDC fibers. Secure with additional thread wraps.
Step Eight
9.Trim off the tag ends of both the partridge and the CDC. Secure the ends with thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Attach a sized saddle hackle to the side of the hook just in front of the wing. You should remove the lower barbs so that the hackle base is clean of barbs where it is secured.
Step Ten
11. Attach a Peacock Herl by the tip in front of the wing.
Step Eleven
12. Wrap the herl forward with 5-6 wraps and secure behind the eye.
Step Twleve
13. Wrap the hackle forward over the herl thorax with 3-4 wraps. You don't want to overdress the hackle as you desire the herl to be visible. Secure the hackle and trim off the excess.
Step Thirteen
14. Wrap a small head just behind the eye.
Step Fourteen
15. Whip Finish.
Step Fifteen
16. Trim off the bottom hackle fibers so that the fly pattern will lay lower in the surface film.
Step Sixteen
17. The Henry's Fork Caddis in Olive.
Step Seventeen

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