Instructions: Hexagenia Spinner

Tying Instructions: Hexagenia Spinner

1. Lay a thread foundation over the mid part of the hook shank.
Step One
2. Clip a bundle of Deer or Elk Hair and even the tips in a stacker. Trim the butts and attach the butt sectiion at the midpoint of the hook shank so that the extension of the hairs is about one hook length past the bend. Remove the small hairs that are not secured.
Step Two
3. Place spiral wraps over the bundle securing the bundle to the shank in 2-3 spots before wrapping the thread around the extension hairs. Give 3-4 wraps around the end wrap near the tail fibers before wrapping back down. Once at the butt tie-in, do the spiral wrap again tracing your earlier thread route and come back to the butt tie-in. This will help strengthen the body. Spraying some fixative on the body will also help.
Step Three
4. Attach a piece of 1/16" thick yellow closed foam about 1/4" wide. Put a point on the end that is getting tied down in front of the body bundle. Secure with tight wraps and apply head cement.
Step Four
5. Clip another bundle of Deer or Elk Hair and even the tips. Measure a length of about one hook shank and trim the butts accordingly. Place the butt section on top of the foam tie-in and secure tightly. Step Five
6. Divide the hairs equally and split for wings using x-wraps of the thread. Wrap each of the wings at the base to help bring the hairs together.
Step Six
7. Attach 3 pieces of Krystal Flash strands on top of the wings and secure. Trim the Krystal Flash so the is dosen't exceed the wing length.
Step Seven
8. Apply dubbing for a thorax. Take care not to capture any of the wing hairs.
Step Eight
9. Dubbing should cover all of the wing butts and foam tie-in. Bring the thorax dubbing under the wing with some thin wraps just in front of the wings. Step Nine
10. Bring the foam wingcase over the wings and secure just in front of the wings with 2-3 wraps. Leave some space behind the eye with these initial wraps.
Step Ten
11. Trim the foam end to a tip, cropping enough material to clear the hook eye.
Step Eleven
12. Wrap the foam behind the eye. Whip finish and apply head cement.
Step Twelve

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