Instructions: Hot Wire Caddis

Tying Instructions: Hot Wire Caddis

1. Slip a black bead through the hook and bring up to the eye.
Step One
2. Attach 2 strands of Black Floss and a piece of Medium Ultra Wire just behind the bead, leaving a little space behind the bead.
Step Two
3. Wrap the material with thread down to the bend of the hook and wrap back to just behind the bead.
Step Three
4. Wrap the wire forward with every fourth wrap securing the floss on the top of the shank over the previous wire wraps.
Step Four
5. Wrap the material to just behind the bead and secure with thread wraps. Step Five
6. Attach two goose biots in a cross pattern, similar to a prince nymph or copper john, just behind the bead on the top of the hook shank. The tips of the biots should not exceed the length of the hook. Step Six
7. Trim off the tag ends of the biots and secure with a couple thread wraps.
8. Clip some fibers from a partridge feather and secure behind the bead on one side of the shank. The length of the fibers should equal the biot length.
Step Eight
9. Attach a second group of partridge fibers to the opposite side of the shank in the same manner as the first.
Step Nine
10. Attach about 4 strands of Krystal Flash behind the bead for an overwing. Clip the tag ends of the material off and trim the flash wing to the same length as the biots.
Step Ten
11. Wrap dubbing as a collar behind the bead to cover the thread wraps. Use a dubbing that has longer strands such as SLF dubbing for movement. Step Eleven

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