Instructions: Kings River Caddis

Tying Instructions: Kings River Caddis

1.Dub a bulky body from the bend of the hook to the 2/3 position of the shank.
Step One
2. Prepare turkey wing quill by spraying with fixative, this will help keep the feather from splitting. Cut a 1/8 inch wide segment and attach the lighter end of the segment to the top of the body nearest the eye. By attaching to top of body, the segment will remain in a horizontal manner.
Step Two
3. Attach a hackle by the butt at the wing tie-down location. Hackle should be a little undersized to allow the fly to lie deeper in the surface film.
Step Three
4. Wrap the hackle forward covering the tie-in wraps of the wing. Secure the hackle and trim the excess. Make a small head with thread and Whip finish. Trim the wing with a slanted cut wing should not exceed the shank length.
Step Four

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