Instructions: Lightning Bug

Tying Instructions: Lightning Bug

1. Place a bead, Silver or Gold, onto the hook. Wrap a lead-free wire 0.015" about 4-5 times and insert into the bead cavity. This helps to fill the bead void and secure the bead.
Step One
2. Attach the thread behind the lead wraps and wrap over the wire to secure, then wrap a thread base to the bend of the hook.
Step Two
3. Tie in 6-10 strands of Pheasant Tail Fibers for a tail. Length of tail does not exceed the hook shank.
Step Three
4. Bring the thread back up to behind the wire wraps and attach a copper wire rib.
Step Four
5. Secure the wire ribbing to the top of the hook shank, wrapping the wire down to the base of the tail. Step Five
6.Wrap the thread back to the lead-free wire wraps and secure a piece of Pearlescent Mylar to the hook shank.
Step Six
7. Wrap the mylar to the base of the tail and back to the lead-free wire wraps.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the copper wire ribbing forward with 4 evenly spaced wraps over the mylar to just past the midpoint of the shank. Tie down.
Step Eight
9. Tie in a piece of large Pearlescent Mylar for a wingcase over the lead-free wire wraps and secure to about the 60% position of the shank. This is where you secured the copper wire ribbing.
Step Nine
10. Tie in a 4 strands of peacock herl by the tips in the same location as the wingcase. This will be the thorax.
Step Ten
11. Wrap the herl around the thread to create a chenille rope.
Step Eleven
12. Wrap the herl forward, back, and forward again to build up a sizeable thorax. Secure the tag end with a couple of thread wraps and clip off the tag.
Step Twelve
13. Prepare the leg material by selecting a Hen Back or Hen Saddle hackle. Remove the tip of the hackle and stroke the lower portion of the fibers back into a planar orientation. The tip fibers will be the legs and are in a V formation with a selected number of fibers on each side of the fly. Step Thirteen
14.Secure the hackle to the top of the shank with two thread wraps just behind the bead. Use the space you created on the hackle when you stroked back the lower fibers.
Step Fourteen
15. Pulling back on the hackle you can adjust the length of the legs. Keep the two segments separated by pulling the leg fibers to the side of the shank. The leg length should just exceed the thorax body. Once positioned, secure with 2-3 tight thread wraps behind the bead and trim off the tag end of the hackle.
Step Fifteen
16. Pull the mylar wingcase over the thorax between the leg hackle and secure with 2-3 additional thread wraps just behind the bead.
Step Sixteen
17. Trim off the tag end of the mylar wingcase and apply a whip finish.
Step Seventeen

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