Tying Instructions: Clark's Little Yellow Stonefly

1.Secure a piece of flat gold tinsel at the hook bend and wrap the thread evenly up to the 1/3 position on the shank.
Step One
2. Wrap the tinsel forward with overlapping wraps and secure at the 1/3 position.
Step Two
3. Attach a segment of combed Poly Yarn at the 1/3 position. The yarn should extend about 1/2 shank length beyond the hook.
Step Three
4. Clip a small bundle of fine deer hair. The deer hair should be clean of underbody fur . Do not even the tips. Attach the deer hair using a pinch wrap method at the 1/3 position, the length of the wing should be no more than a hook shank past the bend. To keep the hairs from flaring, start with two loose wraps and tighter wraps as you proceed toward the eye. Trim the butts of the wing.
Step Four
5. Attach the Saddle Hackle in front of the wing base by the butt. Step Five
6. Wrap the hackle forward with 4-5 wraps. Secure and trim off the butt of the hackle. Create a small head and Whip Finish.
Step Six

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