Fly Fishing the Sierra

Tying Instructions: Light Cahill Wet

1. Flatten the barb with the vise and attach the hook to the vise.
Step One
2.Secure the thread a couple eye lengths behind the eye. Step Two
3. Select a bundle of Mallard Flank barbs, check for broken tips, and make certain the tips are even.
Step Three
4. The length of the tail should be about 3/4 the shank length.
Step Four
5. Secure the bundle to the top of the hook shank at the midpoint of the shank. Step Five
6. Wrap back to the bend of the hook with the bundle of barbs firmly on top of the hook shank. Trim off the tag end of the bundle and wrap back to the midpoint of the shank. Step Six
7. Dub the thread with the Superfine dry fly dubbing. Dub sparsely, we want a tapered body. Twist the dubbing around the thread for a firm noodle. Step Seven
8. Wrap the thread back to the bend of the hook to start the dubbed body.
Step Eight
9. Wrap forward creating a tapered body finishing about two eye lengths behind the eye. Step Nine
10. Select a hen neck hackle with a rounded tip. Prepare the hackle by removing the lower fluffy barbs.
Step Ten
11. Preen back the barbs to where you want to start the hackle wrap. The length of the barbs should be about the same as the hook shank length.
Step Eleven
12. Groom the barbs back with your thumb and index finger so that they are on the same plane. Step Twelve
13. Attach the hackle at the base of the tip you created when you preened back the barbs. Trim off the tip tag behind the eye. Step Thirteen

14. Wrap the hackle at the base of the body with touching wraps so that the hackles do not overlap. You can adjust the number of wraps to determine the bulk you desire.

Step Fourteen
15. Secure the hackle with thread wraps behind the eye.
Step Fifteen
16. Select a bundle of barbs keeping the tips even. Step Sixteen
17. Place the bundle on top of the hook shank behind the eye and up against the base of the collar hackle. With a couple of tight wraps, anchor the hackle to the top of the hook shank just in front of the collar hackle.
Step Seventeen
18. If you desire a substantial wing, place a second bundle of fibers.
Step Eighteen
19. Provide some tight thread wraps to the base of the wing hackle behind the eye and trim off the tag ends. Step Nineteen
20. Wrap a thread head behind the eye and whip finish. Apply a drop of head cement to the head. Step Twenty

21. The finished Light Cahill, wet version.

Step Twentyone

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