Instructions: Madam X

Tying Instructions: Madam X

1. Mash down the hook barb and attach the thread to the shank around midsection. Lay a foundation to the tail tie-in position at the bend of the hook above the mashed barb.
Step One
2. Clip a section of Elk Hair and clean the underfur well with a comb. Even the tips in a stacker and remove the hairs from the stacker with your left hand. With you right hand, you can grasp the butts and measure the proper length for the tail. It should be about one hook gap in length. Mark this position by grasping the bundle with your left hand and position the hair bundle on top of the shank. Secure the bundle with tight overlapping wraps moving forward up the shank to the 2/3 position of the shank.
Step Two
3. Trim the butts and secure the ends with thread wraps. Keep the last 1/3 of the shank clear as you will be adding material here. Applying some head cement to the body will help to secure the material.
Step Three
4. Clip another section of Elk Hair, clean the underfur from it, and even the tips in a stacker. Position this material so that the tips do not exceed the tail and secure the butt ends at the 2/3 position on the shank. It is important to not let the material twist around the shank. Apply some head cement to the thread wraps to help secure the hair.
Step Four
5. Select another section of Deer hair, stack it, and tie the butts at the 2/3 position with the hair extending over the eyes. Adjust the length of the hair so that the pulled back wing does not exceed the hook. Hair trimmed to 1 1/2 the shank length will be about right. Secure the hair right up to the eye with thread wraps. Leave the thread at the 2/3 position.
Step Four
6. Pull the hair back firmly over the top of the shank and secure with tight thread wraps. You want the material to be on the top of the shank to allow the body to be seen from underneath within the surface film.
Step Four
7. Attach a rubber leg strand on each side of the shank at the 2/3 position. Whip Finish.
Step Four

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