Instructions: Martis Midge

Tying Instructions: Martis Midge

1. Attach the thread behind the eye with a jam knot.
Step One
2. Lay a thread foundation along the shank to the bend of the hook. Attach two strands of Pearl Flashabou. Don't worry about the length, we'll trim these to the shank length when the fly is completed.
Step Two
3. Secure the tag ends of the flashabou with thread wraps, wrapping up to the 3/4 position of the hook shank.
Step Three
4. Tie in Gold-dyed Elk hair with the tips evened. The length of the Elk hair should be one shank length. Bring a couple of wraps around the deer hair at the base to keep the hair tightly bunched. A few wraps around the post towards the eye will give it a forward slant.
Step Four
5. Trim the butts at an angle and wrap securely.
Step Five
6. Wrap the thread back to the tail tie-in position.
Step Six
7. Apply a small amount of Antron dubbing to the thread and secure the fibers to the shank with one wrap at the tail tie-in position.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the antron forward with even wraps creating an untapered body. Tie off and trim the antron just behind and under the deer hair wing.
Step Eight
9. Select the proper size hackle. Size 16 in this case. Attach the hackle by cleaning the fibers from the base of the hackle. The exposed quill is placed to the side of the Elk Hair post with two wraps behind the post and two wraps in front of the post. The wraps in front of the post secures the hackle well against the bare hook shank. Step Nine
10. Wrap the hackle 3 times behind the elk hair and tie-down in front and under the wing. Secure with thread wraps and Whip Finish behind the eye. The Elk Hair post should rest at a 45 degree position in front of the eye.

Step Ten

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