Tying Instructions: Medallion Midge

1. Attach the hook to the vise and attach the thread behind the hook eye. With a 6" piece of White Unithread 6/0 thread, attach the end to the top of the hook shank behind the eye.
Step One
2. Wrap the brown thread back toward the hook bend with the white ribbing thread laying on the top of the hook shank. Keep the thread wraps even covering all of the white thread on the shank. Wrap back to the eye.
Step Two
3. Wrap the white thread forward with spacing that is about the width as the thread. Spirol wrap up to behind the eye and secure with four thread wraps.
Step Three
4. Trim off the ribbing tag and secure with three more tight wraps. Obtain a section of Medallion Sheeting or similar material ( I am using Mottled Tan Wings & Things). The section should have a width of about 1/2 the hook gap. Attach one end of the material just behind the eye at the top of the hook shank with the material laying over the top of the hook shank toward the bend of the hook..
Step Four
5. Wrap the thread back over the thorax to the midpoint of the hook shank. Select another section of Medallion Sheeting that is 1/2 of the gap of the hook and attach it to the top of hook shank at the center of the thorax with three tight figure eight wraps..
Step Five
6. Pull the sheeting back and wrap over the thorax area with evenly spaced thread wraps from the eye to the end of the thorax at the midpoint of the shank and back to behind the eye.
Step Six
7. Dub the thread with a small amount of Superfine dubbing.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the dubbing over the thorax forming a small football shape. Trim off the excess and secure with four tight wraps behind the eye.
Step Eight
9. Pull the center section of the sheeting over the thorax and secure with two tight thread wraps. Trim off the tag end of the center section just behind the eye and secure with a couple of thread wraps.
Step Nine
10. Pull the two side sections forward along the hook shank and past the eye. Secure the material behind the eye with a couple of tight thread wraps. Do not trim off these tag ends as they will be folded back for your wing buds.
Step Ten
11. Pull the two side sections back and secure with a couple of tight thread wraps behind the eye.
Step Eleven
12. Trim the two sections just beyond the end of the thorax. Whip Finish.
Step Twelve
13. Use your scissors to trim the edges of the material into round appendages.
Step Thirteen

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