Instructions: Milt's Hexagenia Nymph

Tying Instructions: Milt's Hexagenia Nymph

1.Form a thread base on the hook, finishing with thread 1/8 inch behind the hook eye.
Step One
2. Secure monofilment nymph eyes 1/8 inch behind the hook eye, securing on top of the shank with crossing wraps. Super Glue the eyes in place.
Step Two
3. Attach copper ribbing wire to the shank, finishing with thread directly above the hook barb.
Step Three
4. Dub a heavy abdomen halfway to the hook eye. Step Four
5. Attach a saddle hackle butt section on top of the hook shank at the midpoint. (Milt prefers saddle hackle butts from furnace or natural brown genetic saddles with a silvery, medium dun coloration)
Step Five
6. Using a bodkin to separate fibers, wind the rib through and over top of the saddle butt. Tie off just forward of the abdomen.
Step Six
7. Snip the Saddle Hackle about 3/16 inch behind the bend of the hook to represent a tail.
Step Seven
8. Dub a foundation thorax to within 1/8 inch of monofilment eyes to help support the turkey wing. Tie in the mottled turkey wing case strip just behind the eyes.
Step Eight
9. Dub a heavy thorax over the Turkey wingcase to the start of the abdomen and back to just behind the eyes.
Step Nine
10. Bring the Turkey Wingcase over the thorax and secure with thread wraps just behing the eye.
Step Ten
11. From beneath the thorax attach a section of mottled Turkey Flat for legs just behind the eyes.
Step Eleven
12. Adjust the fiber lengths to sweep behind the thorax about 1/2 the shank length.
Step Twelve
13. Pull the mottled turkey back out of the way and dub the eye area with a dubbing noodle.
Step Thirteen
14. Pull the remaining mottled turkey wing case material over the head area between the eyes. Tie off and whip finish.
Step Fourteen

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