Instructions: Marabou Muddler

Tying Instructions: Marabou Muddler

1. Tie in tail of Marabou. Length to be the shank length.
Step One
2. Attach lead wire in front of the tail tie down position and wrap forward about 15 wraps. Secure the lead wire with plenty of wraps and place enough thread wraps at each end of the lead wraps to create a tapered surface.
Step Two
3. Dub in the body with Light Olive Ice Dubbing. Secure where the lead wire finished at about one third hook shank position.
Step Three
4. Attach Olive Marabou for the wing. The end of the wing should equal the end of tail. There should still be about a quarter length of hook shank available for the head.
Step Four
5. Clip a small amount of deer hair and even the tips in a stacker. Postion the hair so that the tips of the hair just reach the hook point. Wrap two soft thread loops around the center of the hair bundle and gently pull downwards spinning the hair tips around the hook shank. Step Five
6. Clip another small bundle of deer hair and trim the tips off. Attach the hair the same way as before and compact the hair tightly to the previous bundle. Step Six
7. There should be enough room for another bundle of hair so put it on as before and pack in tightly. Step Seven
8. Tie off and whip finish. Trim the deer hair butts into a cone shaped head. Take care not to trim any of the deer hair tips that make up the collar. Step Eight

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