Instructions: Muddler Minnow

Tying Instructions: Muddler Minnow

1. Mash down the barb and attach the thread to the 3/4 position of the shank. You want to keep this front 1/4 section clean for subsequent hair spinning. Wrap back to the bend of the which will be your tail tie-in position.
Muddler Minnow, Step One
2. Clip to Mottled Turkey Wing segments that are matching for the tail. Place the segments so they face each other by the dull side. The tail length should be about 1/4 the shank length from the end of the bend. You need to secure the segments by bringing a loose thread loop over the segments and pinch wrapping the feather fibers together with a tight wrap. A few more tight wraps to secure.
Muddler Minnow, Step 2
3. Anchor the butt sections of the turkey wing feather with some wraps going forward to the 3/4 position.
Muddler Minnow, Step Three
4. Trim the remaining butt sections off and secure with a few more wraps. Now anchor a piece of flat gold tinsel at the 3/4 position. You'll need about 6 inches of material.
Muddler Minnow, Step Four
5. Wrap the tinsel back to the tail and then back again to the 3/4 position keeping the body smooth and level. Muddler Minnow, Step Five
6. Clip a small clump of Gray Squirrel Tail Hair. Clean the underfur and even the tips. Place the clump so that the tips reach the midsection of the tail and anchor this clump at the 3/4 position with some thread wraps. Muddler Minnow, Step Six
7. Clip off the butts of the hair wing and secure with some additional wraps with a tapered, smooth thread base. Muddler Minnow, Step Seven
8. Clip two Mottled Turkey wing segments that are larger that the tail pieces. The length of this wing should be the same as the squirrel hair. Again, place the matching segments face of face with the dull sides on the inside and the point of the segments down towards the tail. A pinch wrap is used, compressing the fibers equally to the top of the shank on each side of the squirrel hair clump. Muddler Minnow, Step Eight
9. Clip off the butts and secure the ends with smooth thread wraps
Muddler Minnow, Step Nine
10. Clip a clump of Gray Coastal Deer Hair. Clean the underfur and even the tips in a stacker. Measure the tips so that the do not exceed half of the Turkey wing from the tie-in position in front of the wing. To properly spin, place three wraps around the clump not too tightly. The second and third wraps will flare the material while the third wrap is pulled tighter to enable the material to spin around the shank. Once spun, apply 3 more wraps to secure the hair.
Muddler Minnow, Step Ten
11. Wrap the thread forward through the hair to the front of the bundle. With your thumb and finger, push the hair material towards the wing to compress the hair and provide room for another spun clump. Muddler Minnow, Step Eleven
12. Clip another small bundle of deer hair and trim the tips off. Attach the hair the same way as before and compact the hair tightly to the previous bundle. Muddler Minnow, Step Twelve
13. Bring the thread through the hair to just behind the eye for a whip finish. It you still have sufficient roomand you desire a tightly spun head, add another clump of deer hair . Muddler Minnow, Step Thirteen
14. Trim the head hair into the shape you prefer. Often a cone shape is preferred to get a streamlined appearance. Muddler Minnow, Step Fourteen

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